GOOD VIDEO contest

Rules & Guidelines

We’re looking for outstanding films with captivating characters that move, surprise, inspire, and entertain.

Judging Criteria

Industry professionals will serve on our panel of judges and determine winning entries based on:

• Creativity / Originality
• Message conforms to a Biblical Worldview
• Uplifting, Inspirational, Endearing, Entertaining
• Excellence in production value


Awards and Prizes

All officially selected videos will receive comments, critique, and suggestions from our panel of judges.

All finalists will also receive some really cool CYFS stuff which may include a t-shirt, flash drive, sticker, or lanyard.

The winning entries will receive cash! (USD)

Rules and Terms


1. Open to all youth ages 12-18. Proof of age required.
2. Content must be positive, wholesome, and conform to the Christian Worldview.
3. Running time must be between 1 and 3 minutes.
4. Video theme: THANKFULNESS
5. Video must be in horizontal or landscape orientation.
6. Video must include our CYFS logo slide in the first 5 seconds. (download logo below)

7. Video cannot use copyrighted music unless a release is also submitted.
8. Video cannot refer to, or promote any company names, logos, products, or similar.
9. Video must be in English or have English subtitles.


Each entry must include the following:
• Your Full Name and Country.
• Full name of Parent or Guardian.
• Mailing Address and mobile phone (for notification and receipt of prize money)
• Proof of student’s age: (school ID, Passport, Driver’s license, Birth Certificate).

The video must be the original work of the student. All videos become property of Christian Youth Film Society and may be used or edited at our sole discretion.

Selection process

After the Deadline, 15 videos will be officially selected based on the rules and goals of the contest.
Then, 8 videos will advance to the finals.
Grand Prize Winner, second place winner, and third place winner will be announced through a live stream online on or about December 1, 2020.

The choices made by Christian Youth Film Society Inc. staff and associates are final.

How to Enter


Upload and pay at

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