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Christian Youth Film Fesitval

Rules & Guidelines

Primary Judging

A preliminary panel of judges will determine if an entry is accepted into the Festival based on:

1. Spiritual statement – how well does the movie express a relevant issue from a Christian worldview?

2. Story – how well is the basic story crafted? (characters, structure, conflict, dialogue, etc...)

3. Technical merit – how well is the movie directed, filmed, edited, etc?

4. All necessary Talent, Location, Music Copyright Release forms, Proof of Age, etc.

Once an entry is selected, the full panel of judges will rate each entry online. On the night of the Festival, another panel of judges will rate the finalists and determine the divisional Best Picture awards.

Notice of acceptance and approximate screening schedule will be announced by February 19, 2025

Age Divisions


- Teen Division (Ages 12-18)

- College Division (ages 18-24)

Film Categories

Narratives only; (documentaries, experimental, and other types will be considered for screening but not for awards.)


Awards include (but not limited to)



Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Screenplay

Best Director

Best Application of Scripture 

Best Cinematography

Best Editing

Best Sound

Best Visual Effects

Cash Awards:

1st Place Teen Division: Nearly 543.21*

2nd Place Teen Division: Close to 432.10*

3rd Place Teen Division: Almost $321.09*

Best of College Division: Approximately $467.89*

If your entry is selected to screen in the Festival, you will be notified by February 19, 2025. You are strongly encouraged to attend; as award winners will receive their trophies and/or giant checks on-stage. If the winners or their representatives cannot be present; their awards, trophies, and or checks (not the giant ones) will be shipped later.

*Cash awards subject to change due to inflation, deflation, weather, number of entries, sponsor involvement, etc.

Rules for the 31st annual CYFF, March 2, 2025


1. The contest is open to youth ages 12-24, with complete disregard to geographical location, skin color, hair color, religion, creed, sex, ancestry, disabilities, DNA, or Political Party.

2. Two divisions: Teen (ages 12-18); and College (ages 18- 24)

3. All movies must have a completion date after March 3, 2024.

4. Primary positions for talent and crew must be within the specified Division age range. Supporting or auxiliary roles may be from outside the age brackets but will not be eligible for award consideration. Writing, crew, and post production must be done by those of age within their division. If any crew or talent are outside the division age bracket, the individual will be ineligible for award consideration, and movie may be disqualified. Please contact us for clarification, if needed.

5. Movie content must be wholesome and compatible with a Biblical Christian Worldview. Content must be age-appropriate and family friendly for screening to younger audiences.

6. TOTAL RUNNING TIME LIMITED TO 11 MINUTES INCLUDING CREDITS. Accurate and complete credits are required. Credits and outtakes might not be screened at discretion of the CYFF.

7. The following supporting documents must be uploaded with entry or emailed to

  • Director's proof of age (Driver's license, Student I.D., Passport, Birth certificate, etc.)

  • Photo of Director (for program)

  • Copyright releases for all copyrighted music. (free music should be noted)

  • Talent Release Form (click button below)

  • Film Release Form (click button below)

  • Location release (if location is recognizable and private)

  • Accurate and complete credits including ages

  • Brief synopsis of movie (for program)

  • Optional poster

  • Optional BTS stills and video footage

Deadlines for entry

January 06, 2025, 11:59pm - Early entry deadline - College Division $25.00, Teen Division $20.00

January 27, 2025, 11:59pm - Regular entry deadline - College Division $35.00, Teen Division $30.00

February 17, 2025, 11:59pm - Final entry deadline - College Division $60.00  Teen Division $50.00

Late entries after final entry deadline will not be accepted.

How to Enter


Upload and pay at

Each completed entry will receive two really cool lanyards and all-access VIP passes to the festival which include admission to festival, admission to all seminars, snack bar credit, and the exclusive "Backstage Dinner" with other film makers, sponsors, judges, and our celebrity guests ($125.25 value).


General admission tickets are still only $10.00 available January 1, 2025.


For more information send questions to:

For autographed photo of our beloved director:

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