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So you want to make a film! But how do you start? 

We have several different ways you can learn how to put your idea onto the screen. In all of our workshops we cover the basics of screenwriting, production, and editing in order to give you the full scope of making a film. 

In some of the workshops we go more in-depth into a few specific aspects of filmmaking so you can hone your skills and continue to grow and keep creating great movies!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops!


1-day hands-on basic production lab

Industry professional teachers

Learn the basics of writing, filming and editing a short scene. 


By the end of the day students will have written, filmed and edited their scene and are able to see the finished project! 

Film Camps

3-5 days of hands-on intermediate production


Industry professional teachers


Expand your knowledge in screenwriting, various film crew positions, and post production

By the end of the Film Camp your team will have completed a full short film

Mentor Movies

4-8 week advanced summer academy


Each Mentor Movie Project is lead by an accomplished industry professional who will guide everyone through the filmmaking process. 


The end product will be a full film created entirely by the students while having direct access to industry professionals and mentors.


Or check out a great film camp at Biola Film School this summer!

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